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Welcome to Menstrie

Agenda for Community Council Meeting
Tuesday 8th April 2014 in the Dumyat Centre Community Room

  1. Apologies, appointments, resignations
  2. Approval of minutes of 11th March 2014
  3. Matters arising from minutes
  4. Treasurer's report
  5. Community policing report
  6. Councillors' reports
  7. Menstrie Matters
  8. Correspondence
  9. Community Woodland
  10. Community Garden
  11. School Community Sports project
  12. Duck Race, Gala and Fete update
  13. Any other business
  14. Date and Time of next meeting: Tuesday 13th April 2014

Councillor's report to Community Council, March 2014

Councillor Les Sharp's report to the recent (11th March) Community Council meeting is available on this site. It covers:

Help prevent crime

To provide information in confidence, visit the Crimestoppers web site where you may fill in a special form on-line. Crimestoppers guarantee complete anonymity: No-one can find out who gives information about crime by this method.
Or, contact Crimestoppers Scotland on 0800 555 111.

Planning application withdrawn (Land south of Middleton Kerse)

The plan to build 84 houses on land between the Middleton scheme and the River Devon has been cancelled. Clacks Council confirmed, on 09 Jan 2014, to Bett Homes Ltd. that the application has been taken off the planning register.
[Link to copy of the official letter (PDF) - ed.]

Among the documents relating to the application, one from SEPA on 30 Oct 2013 stated with emphasis "... we would not support the proposal to include additional properties behind the embankment as we would not consider this area to be outwith the 1:200 year flood extent."

Flood risk - SEPA publishes new maps

screen shot of map of flooding potential near Menstrie |d|
Screen shot of SEPA's map showing likelihood of flooding near Menstrie.
This image links to a larger version of the image.
Use the browser's 'Back' button to return here.

SEPA, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, has released on-line maps showing the sources and potential impacts of flooding. The live maps are available at this link, with information on understanding what they show and don't show. For instance:

'The Ochil Hills - A special place' by Drew Jamieson

With the support of Friends of the Ochils, Drew Jamieson has written a description of the Ochil Hills including their geology, geography, biodiversity, history and agriculture. Intended as an objective educational resource, it discusses the development of the Ochils for a wide range of uses.

Illustrated with photographs and maps, the document is available at this link.

Secure your wi-fi broadband router

Police in Central Scotland urge the public to make sure you have secured your Internet connection.

Any unscrupulous person within 30 yards of an unsecured wi-fi router - on the pavement or in a car outside your house - could use it to download illegal images or commit other Internet crime. And the police, when they look for the criminal, will start with the router's Internet address. From this, they can track down the owner's name and street address.

Make sure it's not your door they come to: follow the instructions in this link to protect yourself.

More minutes in Menstrie

To find out what concerns Menstrie-dwellers, and what's happening about it, take a look at the minutes of the Community Council.

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April 2014

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