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Letters to The Community Council

Nova Scotia Week, September 2009

From Mr Ian Russell, a former resident of Menstrie, now living in Nova Scotia, Canada

It was so nice to come and meet the Community Council when I visited Menstrie recently when I was invited to attend the Menstrie Community Council meeting. I was a founder member of the Community Council many years ago with Tom Ward and others. I am delighted to be involved in strengthening relations with Menstrie and Nova Scotia. I'm sure you will know that Sir William Alexander of Menstrie was the founder of Nova Scotia in 1621. It is somewhat ironic that my wife Marjorie who was born and brought up in the village of Menstrie should eventually come to live in Nova Scotia and I was born in Camelon, home of the greatest Canadian ever Tommy Douglas. I guess destiny played its hand.

The Sir William Alexander Monument (Cairn) that is in the Victoria/Scots Park in our capital city of Halifax was built using 13 Steps from Menstrie Castle so a little bit of Menstrie exists here in Nova Scotia. Marjorie and I would like to have a bust of Sir William Alexander placed upon the cairn and we would like to start fundraising in Clackmannanshire to see if we can raise enough money for this to take place. When Menstrie Castle was refurbished much of the money raised to carry out the works was raised here in Nova Scotia and Canada. I would love to see a delegation from Menstrie and Clackmannanshire come to visit Nova Scotia, it would be a very historic visit. Marjorie and I are very proud of the work that the Community Council have done to re establish the bonds and strengthen the links. The work you have done on the Nova Scotia Gardens is simply tremendous and we think the Fox Boy is truly inspiring. I'm sure the Nova Scotia Delegates will be astonished when they visit Menstrie to see the Castle, Nova Scotia Room and the New Nova Scotia gardens. We hope be in the Village on Friday 11th September and staying in Scotland until the 16th September. I would ask your readers to come and join us in our celebrations on that morning.

Nova Scotia, the jewel in the Canadian Crown
You will arrive as our guests and leave as our friends

I look forward to seeing you again on my next visit.

Kindest Regards
Ian Russell

Since sending that letter, Mr. Russell has had to change the delegation's travelling dates but it does not affect his plans to visit Menstrie on Friday 11th September 2009.

Public Gardens

The Community Council comments:
Although Ian Russell from Nova Scotia is calling the village gardens 'The Nova Scotia Gardens', this is something that has happened over there and it just seems to have been picked up by the press here. As the gardens have no postal code and therefore no official name, we in the Community Council think this could be a good idea and something to think about as we fly the Nova Scotian flag alongside the Saltire in honour of the historical connection.

If anyone has any strong objections to the Gardens being named the Nova Scotia Gardens could they make their feelings known to a member of the Community Council.

We also have had correspondence from Mr. Richard Douglas of Park Road. Although he says he likes the work that has been done on the gardens he was annoyed to see that the path on the right hand side was being removed. We, the Community Council, always called this the path to nowhere as it did not have an ending. Mr Douglas informed us that steps were promised and asked why this was not happening. No one on the Community Council (and some have been members for 20 years) knew anything about these steps so they were not included in the recent plans. Mr. Douglas did send a petition with 14 names on it but we are afraid this was all too late for the garden renovations.

Fox Boy sculpture

This letter was received via Clackmannanshire Council by our Secretary.

Dear Sir,
While visiting my mother in Menstrie I was reading The Menstrie Matters which, by the way, I think is an excellent publication, very informative.
I was interested in the letter about 'Foxy'. When I lived in the village as a child over 60 years ago, everyone knew of Billy Kippen's rescued pet fox, Trixie. Perhaps that is the story behind Menstrie's 'Fox Boy'. I'd like to think so.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs. Ann McQuade,
Abergavenny, Wales


Dear Menstrie Matters

Just thought you'd like to emphasise to all your readers that not all food containers should go into the blue bins.

I put this question to the Council via their web page: The 16-page leaflet says on page 5 that food trays and containers can go into the blue bin. Does this include yoghurt pots made of Polystyrene (the ones with the recycling triangle and number 6 or letters PS) ?

The Council replied: Thank you for your enquiry. At present polystyrene should be disposed of in the green bin.

Looks like we'll need to examine our food containers for the recycling symbols at the same time as we're washing them out.

John Lee

I also emailed Waste Services asking if it was OK to put old compost into the Brown bin as I knew you were not supposed to put earth into it. The reason I asked was that I have very little 'garden' in my garden and have problems disposing of tbe compost from my containers each year. The reply said that it was OK as long as it did not make the bin too heavy and that this is the reason that earth is not allowed. As I don't have grass in my garden either I was pleased to know that my compost could take its place!

Linda Matheson

June 2009

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