Menstrie Community Council is an official Community Council that is governed by Clackmannanshire Council's guiding principles.

Menstrie is allowed 14 Community Councillors who are voted in every four years. 

Election Results for 2021

Council meetings currently take place every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Dumyat Centre at 7pm and are open to any member of the community. 

Voting on council decisions can only take place by councillors and co-options.

The Team

Team after elections in Oct 2021 and reaffirmed after AGM Sep 2022

Named Positions 

Chair :  Eileen Turnbull

Secretary : Sarah Ridley

Treasurer : James Bull

Vice Chair / Vice Secretary : Dave Sharp

Elected Councillors

Dave Sharp

Eileen Turnbull

Evelyn Stalker

Irene Rosewier

James Bull

Lesley Milne

Martin Pitcairn

Sarah Ridley

Ubbi Rehman

Co-opted Councillors

None to date

Stake Holders

Menstrie Community Action Group

Menstrie Community Resilience Group

Menstrie Mains Residence Association

Menstrie Community Woodland Group

Stan's Gardening Club

Menstrie Pensioners Association

Menstrie Community Entertainment Team

Primary School - Deputy Headteacher - Mandy Murray

Community Police Officers - Leigh Allen / Andrew Stowe

Local Clacks Councillor - Darren Lee

Local Clacks Councillor - Graham Lindsay

Local Clacks Councillor - Mark McLuckie

Local Clacks Councillor - Phil Fairlie

Menstrie Parish Church - Mike Goodison



MCC Minutes - May 2024.pdf

Minutes May 2024

MCC Minutes - Apr 2024.pdf

Minutes Apr 2024

MCC Minutes - Mar 2024.pdf

Minutes Mar 2024

MCC Minutes - Feb 2024.pdf

Minutes Feb 2024

MCC Minutes - Jan 2024.pdf

Minutes Jan 2024


MCC Minutes - Dec 2023.pdf

Minutes Dec 2023

MCC Minutes - Nov 2023.pdf

Minutes Nov 2023

MCC Minutes - Oct 2023.pdf

Minutes Oct 2023

MCC Minutes - Sep 2023.pdf

Minutes Sep 2023

AGM 2023 - Minutes.pdf

AGM Minutes 2023

AGM 2023 - EOY - Accounts 2022-23 - Audited.pdf

AGM Accounts 2023

MCC Minutes - Aug 2023.pdf

Minutes Aug 2023

MCC Minutes - Jul 2023.pdf

Minutes Jul 2023

MCC Minutes - Jun 2023.pdf

Minutes Jun 2023

MCC Minutes - May 2023.pdf

Minutes May 2023

MCC Minutes - Apr 2023.pdf

Minutes Apr 2023

MCC Minutes - Mar 2023.pdf

Minutes Mar 2023

MCC Minutes - Feb 2023.pdf

Minutes Feb 2023

MCC Minutes - Jan 2023.pdf

Minutes Jan 2023


MCC Minutes - Nov 2022.pdf

Minutes Nov 2022

MCC Minutes - Sep 2022.pdf

Minutes Sep 2022

AGM 2022 - Minutes.pdf

AGM Minutes 2022

AGM 2022 - Chair report 2022.pdf

AGM Chair's Report

AGM 2022 - Treasurer Report 2021-22.pdf

AGM Treasurer's Report

AGM 2022 - Income and Expenditure Account 2021-22 - AUDITED.pdf

AGM End of Year Accounts

MCC Minutes - Aug 2022.pdf

Minutes Aug 2022

MCC Minutes - Jul 2022.pdf

Minutes Jul 2022

MCC Minutes - Jun 2022.pdf

Minutes Jun 2022

MCC Minutes - May 2022.pdf

Minutes May 2022

MCC Minutes - Apr 2022.pdf

Minutes Apr 2022

MCC Minutes - Mar 2022.pdf

Minutes Mar 2022

MCC Minutes - Feb 2022.pdf

Minutes Feb 2022

MCC Minutes - Jan 2022.pdf

Minutes Jan 2022

Older documents available on request

Guiding Documents

Clacks - Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils.pdf

Scheme of Establishment

Menstrie Community Council Constitution - Without signatures.pdf

MCC Constitution


Child and Adult Protection Policy.pdf

Child and Adult Protection

Code of Conduct Policy.pdf

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy.pdf


Finance Policy and Procedures.pdf

Finance Policy and Procedures

Privacy and GDPR Policy.pdf

Privacy and GDPR

Image Consent Form.pdf

Image Consent Form